Listen to some of the best throwers in the world

Ep. 53 Mac Wilkins – Olympic Discus Champion
Ep. 43 Ryan Whiting – 2-Time World Shot Put Champion
Ep. 33 Dani Stevens – World Discus Champion
Ep. 32 Kara Winger  – US Javelin Record Holder
Ep. 31 Suzy Powell Roos – 3-Time Olympic Discus Thrower
Ep. 26 Tom Walsh – 3-Time World Shot Put Champion
Ep. 20 Deanna Price – World Hammer Champion
Ep. 3 John Godina  – 4-Time World Shot Put Champion

Listen to some of the best pro, college, and high school throws coaches in the world

Ep. 50 Gary Aldrich – Carenegie Mellon University / Team USA
Ep. 48 Brian Bedard – Colorado State University
Ep. 28 Ashley Kovacs – Ohio State University
Ep. 11 Justin St. Claire –  North Dakota State University

Listen to more throws topics coaches and throwers can learn from

Listen to quick insights from the best on TIP TUESDAY

TIP #10: TOM WALSH – Throwing in the RAIN
TIP #6: JAMIE MYERS – Lifting around back injuries
TIP #2: RYAN WHITING – The Back of the RING

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